NCP srl: Contrafforti e Puntali
NCP srl: Produzione di  Contrafforti e Puntali


The N.C.P is born in 1962 like "Nuova Ceper", founded from Cerolini Genesio and Perugini Dino, pioneers of the field of the Contrafforti and of Aims them.

With the years of experience and hard job those that were one small composed company from 2 families it has become one large and asserted industry with machinery to the vanguard and specialized staff, in a position to producing beyond 30.000 it seems of counters and it aims them to the day.

In the 2002 Ceper New it becomes the N.C.P srl, but it always continues to being guided from the families of the founders, by now arrives you to the third generation.

Foto dell'azienda

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